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    I was trying to figure out how to back up ones iphone using a " .ipb file structure " method.

    I have been WinSCPing to get all my backups, but this is very time consuming process, especially if one makes a complete and thorough backup of their iphone.

    The reason I was asking is because I'm still developing a Back-up Guide at this link:

    I would like to help others and myself figure out how to do this, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The " .ipb file structure " method I read was on this link:

    I am a medium experienced user, and I know how to use the WinSCP program.

    Here is my main questions:

    1. What is an ipb file?

    2. Can you create one using the Vista program?

    3. What program do you need to create an .ipb File?

    4 . How do you create one?

    5. How do you do this, for the specific purpose of backing up ones iphone?
    (as in a general step-by-step how to)

    6. The forum thread, from where I originally read about the .ipb file method, seemed to suggest that this form of backing up was superior and more faster than WinSCPing. Is this true? Why?

    7. Any other advise you could give to a beginner.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    2008-02-20 06:30 PM
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    i implemented a simple backup and restore for a few databases and configurations you might find useful.

    try using my application "hAcx iPhone Unlock".
    i will work on a much larger scale backup/restore application maybe next week.

    2008-02-20 10:20 PM
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    iphoneuser, i've been looking around for a similar solution to the one you're talking about. I have been SSHing most of my files/directories using the method in your guide, but i think the ipb file method would be truly amazing. A one click backup...

    As for Yaniv, I'm not quite sure about your link for the "backup software" seems fishy to me

    I will post again if i come across any information for said backup procedure
    2009-04-17 08:02 AM