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    Hello, everyone. I joined a couple weeks ago and after taking apart my iPhone headphones and replacing them with V-Moda bass freq earbuds, I started wondering if there is a way to have a graphic equalizer on the iPhone so that the sound coming from my 'buds sounds better. I think this is the right forum to post in, but I may be wrong and I apologize for this in advance. I have also looked around for this and haven't found anything. I appreciate the mods this site and its community have come up with to make the iPhone just that much better. If there is a way to do this or if I have accidentally overlooked something along these lines, then please let me know.


    2007-08-28 02:48 AM
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    i dont think anyone has dove into that area yet, as far as sound manipulation. i think this thread would be better served in the 3rd party apps section, due to the fact that, it would be that, that would do this equalizer.
    2007-08-28 08:37 AM
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    How did you take apart the bass freqs? Did you split the bulby part down the seam or did you take apart the silver part in the back?
    2008-03-27 09:01 AM
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    Can we assume you know about the iPod setting for EQ that let's you pick from static equalization settings?
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    2008-03-28 11:24 PM
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    Has no one looked onto this as yet? Really could do with some sound options as I use my iPhone and Klipsh speakers as a form of mini hifi and my speakers are lacking in areas that I think some equalization can compensate. Anone know of anything in this department?
    2009-01-22 06:59 PM
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    Totally nuts that apple don't do tthis, what other mp3 player is like that? I know the rockbox project was very sucessful in providing advanced eq on players like the irivers
    2009-01-28 05:57 PM
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    Equ is a decent eq/ipod replacement. Full eq! Sorry doesnt seem to work with streaming audio. Its available in your favorite repository.

    Equ , great app
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