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    I have a bunch of awesome wallpapers that i really wanna use on my iphone, and i've been to many iphone wallpaper sites, including that section of this site. I saved the photos, put them all in a folder and synced with itunes. Problem is that only SOME of the photos sync, others get an error saying "Some of your photos, inluding "photohere.jpg" could not be copied to the iphone "myiphone" because they cannot be displayed on your iphone". Am i doing something wrong? i've tried tons of different photos, different folder/file names, everything and every single time, only SOME of them work, but never all. If i have a folder of 20 photos, maybe 5 will work. All of these were meant for the iphone and .jpg format. Any help or insight is appreciated!
    2007-08-30 04:37 PM