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    Hello 2 all and 1st let me say this is the best site ever! Thanks to all who create and spend numerous hours on hacking/modding the iphone!

    Ok so I've had the iphone for 2 days now and have already started modding (thanx to this place) I have custom Icons (Created by digikid) they work fine and were not so hard to install just basic directions. NOW i wanted the duracell battery icons (Big one when charging) but everything I've tried fails.

    I have the correct directory /System/Library/CoreServices/ Right?

    and I have the icons all in the phonedmg folder I tried overwriting them "nothing" rmdir then putfile "nothing" no matter what I still have the stock Green. any idea what I can be doing wrong? I even get the fileref:1 saying its been uploaded. And Yes I did turn off and turn back on....nothing. any help is well appreciated if not I still love what I've learned so far.
    p.s. I was also able to create ringtones as well as edit them thanx to u guys!!!! and im using windows vista
    2007-09-04 02:55 AM
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    Try using an easier to use method than command line

    an SSH utility

    and iy you still want to use cmd line, make sure your command looks like this

    putfile /System/Library/CoreServices/

    in place of filename.png put all the files that you want to replace (BatteryBG_2.png, BatteryBG_3.png, etc)

    Capitalization does matter!

    make sure that you have the files you want to upload in your phonedmg folders main directory, so for example you would have BatteryBG_2.png in C:/phonedmg/ in order to upload it to the phone

    (oh and btw, I'm using XP not vista but it should be the same)
    "The glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall."
    2007-09-05 12:34 AM
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    Thanx man..just d/l iBrickr (amazed at the ease it is better than cmd I guess) BUT still didnt work 4 me. Im going to try the cmd & the ibrickr a few more times b4 I completely give it up. Thanx for the reply.

    Thread can be closed..well at least no other replies need special thanks to LifesMyMachine for ur help! Dont know what did it I just used cmd 2-3 more times and actually typed everything out myself instead of the copy and paste and it FINALLY came thru. so now I have my icons,ringtones,battery icons, just a few thousand more mods to go...
    I LOOOOOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    2007-09-05 01:49 AM