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    A while ago, I uploaded some ringtones (I'll call them A, B, and C) using iToner. Recently, I did the unlock for Windows using iBrickr. When I checked the ringtone directory using iBrickr, ringtones A, B, and C were not in the ringtone folder. So, I looked for them and found a different ringtone folder under vos/root/vos/media/ringtone (the path may not be accurate) or something like that. I figured it was something iToner created, so I deleted it. Then, I uploaded the same ringtones using iBrickr, this time to the correct default folder of the iPhone. Now, my problem is that I have two sets of A, B, and C now. Even though I deleted the folder that contained the original A, B, and C, they still show up on the ringtone selection screen. I can still play them too. What I'm confused is...why are they still there? and, how come I can play them even though I deleted them along with the folder that contained them? I would like to get rid of the old ringtones I uploaded. Please someone help me. Thank you in advance.

    2007-09-07 06:24 PM
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    that has to be by far one of the most confusing statements, couple questions, is A B C ringtone still on your phone somewhere? or have you deleted them totally in 'both' places from the phone. If so, did you either re-sync or restart your iphone, thats normally how ringtones show up and disappear.
    2007-09-08 05:59 AM
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    lol now thats funny
    2007-09-08 06:02 AM
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    Haha. I know it is confusing. I've managed to fix it though. The problem was that iPhone had 3 different folders named Ringtones. One is the default folder where all ringtones should be stored, the second was the one I deleted (which I think iToner created, but I am not sure), and the the third one (I found today and was the key to fixing the problem) was under iTune Control or something like that. So, apparently when I uploaded the ringtones with iToner (or some time after that), it left two sets of ringtones (one in the second folder and another set in the third folder). The ringtones still showed up after I deleted the second folder, which was the problem I was facing. But, when I discovered the third ringtone folder and deleted the ringtones inside, they no longer showed up. I'm not computer literate enough to understand why there needs to be multiple ringtone folders, but I'm glad I didn't have to go through restore to fix the problem. Oh, another thing I noticed was that Marimba and Old Phone ringtones are nowhere to be found. They weren't located inside of any of the three folders. Could there be yet another ringtone folder? lol....

    P.S. I can see the confusion now. There's actually a slight difference (max volume) between the new A, B, and C I installed later and old A, B, and C. That's how I knew that old ones kept showing up even though I deleted the folder (second one) that contained them.
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    2007-09-08 06:35 AM
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    GoldenTequila -
    I had uploaded some ringtones via iBrickr before freeing my phone and found that the pre-freed tones weren't listed in the ringtone manager.
    You can use the iBrickr File Manager to remove any duplicate ringtones.
    I found my duplicate/hidden ringtones in this directory:

    I used the iBrickr File Manager to delete the .mp4 file and it successfully removed it from my sounds/ringtone list.
    2007-09-19 04:55 AM
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    Where is located the default ringtones folder?
    2008-06-01 07:43 AM
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    i got windows vista how do i trasfering themes or other stuff+
    2008-06-10 02:17 PM