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    Installed a handful of things including dock, mobileIM, installer, finder, NES, and a few of the other popular appz.

    I have been having trouble holding service, the UI not responding (it will be in standby in my pocket, I take it out and hit a button and nothing), and on occasion I'll lose all service and it will tell me "iphone cannot get service. please go to www.apple.com/support".

    Also, I've been dropping a LOT of calls. Usually when a call drops, one of two things happens:

    1) When on bluetooth, it will capture the last say .2 seconds and just play it back like a CD skipping. When I hit "end call" on my phone it takes a good 60-75 seconds for the call to actually fail.

    2) When I am not on bluetooth, the call fails and will disconnect in 30-45 seconds.

    I seem to have narrowed it down to when the phone is switching between towers.

    And for those of you who will blame AT&T, my girlfriends TREO works perfectly with the network.

    Anyone else have some performance issues w/ the iphone other than the network?

    Its pissing me off (then again I could always go back to "stock") that the mods I have are causing some issue.

    Curious what others are seeing - please chime in.

    EDIT: this is my second iphone. The first one I had about 3 weeks then the wireless antenna went dead (tried removing programs, restoring it, changing SIM's, etc). Could one of these mods be messing with the antenna?


    2007-09-11 03:17 AM