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    Well i was half *** asleep when i was texting someone back when i realized that i deleted my text conversation with that person. =[ i have tried almost everything. I know that i have overwritten the back ups of my iphone on my computer.....But i know that i have backed up my computer since the text were deleted. I have tried to delete all my backups that are useless and put in my backup that i know has my saved text on there but when i right click on itunes it says (Unknown)I have tried to make numberious changes to my backup name to see if it will accept it but no luck. I was wondering if there is a way to exract the sms.db from my backup since i know that i cant well not 100% sure but i can seem to get my iphone restored with the backup i want. I would appreciate any help =] Thanks

    Ps i have tried using MobileSyncBrowser - this only does 100 messages per contact and it also has stopped working for me =[. Windows Vista, iPhone 3g 16 gb - Jailbroken
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    2009-01-19 04:40 PM
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