1. rsobbi's Avatar
    ill start off by saying i live in canada so i cant go to a apple store to repair and i cat ship so please dont say do that
    i opened up my iphone to do the hardware unlock but i stopped because i ripped off the trace i think someone said in my other thread so now i have a dead iphone where i gt 1011 restore error and nothing like jailbreak works
    so today i bought a 6 watt soldering iron battery powered because someone told me i need to solder it
    here it is by the way

    so how does the soldering process go
    is it easy or is it a no no because im not a pro i actually have never soldered at all so should i take it to a shop nd tell them what to do (can you tell me what to tell them if yes) or can someone tell me an idiot proof walkthrough on how to solder so i can revive my iphone

    thanks once again
    2007-09-12 12:52 AM
  2. nevadadealers's Avatar
    The software mod is available now and appears to be working. There are many posts here and all over the internet about it. Gizmodo seems to have a pretty good write up on it.
    2007-09-12 06:53 AM
  3. rsobbi's Avatar
    ok thanks for that
    anyone??? i geuss ill just call a shop
    2007-09-12 03:44 PM