1. metaljay's Avatar
    for sum reason i cannot ssh into my iphone

    im used to using winscp
    but i updated to 1.1.4 using ziphone and unlocked

    i installed ssh and client
    and can access the phone

    but when i open any folder i keep getting
    this when acccessing appliations folder

    "No such file or directory.
    Error code: 2
    Error message from server: No such file
    Request code: 11"

    happens with any folder on ssh

    weirdly no programs r acting weird though
    just cant add any programs manually
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    2008-03-04 06:10 PM
  2. freshfitz's Avatar
    try uninstall ssh and reinstal
    2008-03-05 05:41 AM
  3. metaljay's Avatar
    done that, still doesnt work :S
    2008-03-06 05:13 PM
  4. kcisjojo's Avatar
    make sure your ip address is correct. when i updated mine it gave my phone a new ip address. dunno why but it went from .101 to .106. could be a fix.
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  5. outflank's Avatar
    yeh mate sure your IP correct.. coz i updated & it changed my IP .... n yeh install BSD Subsystem as well
    2008-03-08 12:38 AM