1. biopyro13's Avatar
    everytime i try to use quick pwn ill open the application then a few seconds later it will say quick pwn has stopped working. and i have redownloaded it multiple time from different sites. so i tried it on my other computer which is running on xp and it is doing the same thing
    2009-03-07 01:41 AM
  2. Imahottguy's Avatar
    1. Empty Temp directory
    2. At what point does that app close? Immediately?
    3. Is it QuickPWN 2.2.5-2?
    4. Close everything else and then run QuickPWN.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2009-03-08 02:43 PM
  3. shoohorn0plenty's Avatar
    1. Try creating a new user account in Vista.
      (Your iTunes/iPhone settings should be fresh & clean there.)
    2. Install QuickPwn.
    3. Reboot your computer and iPhone.
    4. Use a different USB port when connecting to your PC.
    5. Try running QuickPwn again.

    I've had a similiar problem with QuickPwn crashing on me, and I was able to fix it by rebooting both devices and trying again.

    Another time, I had problems getting iTunes to recognize my iPhone, and the new user account steps did the trick.

    Hope this helps.
    2009-04-13 08:26 PM