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  1. wooderson's Avatar
    How can I get my iphone to show up in windows explore?

    Only itunes can interface with my phone. Windows make the normal noise when the phone is connected/disconnected, but no other programs can see the phone. (picasa, explore, scanner & camera wizard)

    I am running itunes, iphone 2g 2.2.0, and windows xp. The phone is unlocked/jailbreak.

    I just want to get at the phone so I can take pictures off of it so I can do a restore and upgrade the OS.

    Thanks for the help.

    I really want to like this phone, but not being able to access it is a pain.

    (I've tried a bunch of searches on this topic, but didn't find much)
    2009-03-28 02:58 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    If you right click on "start" menu and then choose "explore" it should recognize, and you'll be able to see your iPhone. Click on iPhone and you should be able to pull your pictures from there.
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    2009-03-28 06:40 PM
  3. wooderson's Avatar
    I figured it out.

    I needed to use Iphone browser.

    It's a freeware file that let's you get files off/on your jail broken Iphone.

    I can't see my iphone through windows explore (I think this has to do with the version of itunes on my computer. The phone is only accessible through itunes). But itunes doesn't have a convenient way to get pictures off of the phone. Also, my phone wasn't being recognised as a camera (this may have to do with the version of the jailbroken software on it).

    iphonebrowser did the trick. There is a link to the download page through cynthia. (plus it's free)
    2009-03-29 08:57 AM