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    ahhh. funny ******* thing, isn't this. i knew never to trust 3rd party hardware. and what do i get? the proof to my assumption. i plugged mine into a belkin car thing today too. and i thought my phone died, but i took it out ASAP. i got the same warning about the accessory not made for iphone etc. i said no, turn on airplane mode, etc. white screen. crap crap crap. i did a reset. my phone worked for the rest of the night. edge was fine, i txted my brother, got phone call from him. battery died at work. bring it back home to recharge. let it charge for like 20 minutes, cuz i wanted to txt my gf. and i turn it on, red battery. no charge. so i used it for a bit, it worked fine, but then i was like, i need to charge this. i put it back on the dock and it goes through infinite loop of resetting, charges for like 10 seconds, then resets...wifi isn't as consistent anymore, and it just plain sucks.if i wanna sync with laptop, i plug it in, and lose all signal. gay. so i figure i need to drain my battery cuz my battery isn't charging and i don't have enough juice for signal. so i killed the battery, left the iphone on and put it in the fridge, just had a really long playlist. the phone was hot, and anyone who took chemistry in college knows heat kills rechargeable batteries as it makes the chemical processes go faster. don't want my battery prematurely dying. if its warm to the touch on the outside, imagine how hot it is inside the phone. anyways, phone dies in the fridge, i go to charge it for like 2 hours maybe more. let's just say around two. i turn it on, and it works pretty well. i get good wifi. i got a txt message. and it works. so i mean, i can still use it, but i know syncing is going to be an issue. also, i now have 3-4gb of "other" stuff. wtf is that? i know i have 1-2gb of music but wth? in any case, i plan on doing another full death, and a full 6 hour charge. if i try to charge it now, iphone will reset and go into a loop of resets and ****
    really gay

    also, i can send text messages, but i can't receive them unless i do a reset, recovery, or power on and off. *sigh* what a ******* pain in the ***.
    2008-07-06 11:07 AM
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    Here's something that might do it. Download the old Ibrickr 0.91 at iBrickr 0.91 - FREE Download iBrickr - Classically it has been hard for Windows users to modify their iPhones. Mac users get all the cool - soft82.com install it and open it with your iphone connected. It should detect your iphone and it will give you the option to try to restart your iphone but dont go any further than that.
    2008-12-10 01:53 AM
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    I had the same problem mentioned in the beginning of the thread
    iPhone screen flashed white, then wont power on or do anything. I took the motherboard off, and let it sit for 30 seconds, put it back together, its only like 10 screws people, and the phone booted right up. Hope this helps somebody
    There are No stupid questions, Only stupid people
    2009-02-01 11:57 PM
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    jesus this thread is OLD
    2009-02-02 12:12 AM
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    I got the same problem recently with my iphone 3g, its pretty old and cracked from everywhere. In this case connect it to ur computer via usb open itunes and try turning it on by pressing the home button. Itunes will ask you to restore it. and press yes.
    2011-07-08 08:36 AM
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