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    so, ive been trying to rename my text app to Messages for a while, and i cant seem to figure it out. ive tried using the rename app and it doesnt work, so i resorted to SSH. im familiar with how to use it so i followed a guide which led me to editing a file where names showed on the springboard. but when i try to edit the text, its not showing all of it. its showing a bunch of jibberish instead of the entire text in the file.
    can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?
    im sorry if this is a noob question but i cant seem to find anything to help my situation.
    (i know someone will end up quoting a piece of my text to make me look like an idiot) whatever......

    i found a plist converter so i used that, but when i changed the name of the app, it took away the theme icon i had set originally. any ideas?
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    2009-04-09 07:02 PM
  2. soulthoughts's Avatar
    Rename the icon to what you named the app. Try that.
    2009-04-09 07:28 PM
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