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  1. Dzine's Avatar
    Ok, im new to modding my Iphone. All i really care about is changing my theme, Skinning. I read the tutorials, etc. and downloaded al lthe correct apps ( Ibrickr, Winscp, AppTapp ) and im running windows. Just want to make sure that the program work fine with the newest version of itunes and that i shouldnt run into any issues..
    2007-09-19 03:29 AM
  2. Trent J.'s Avatar
    I dont believe there have been any complaints.. I upgraded to 7.4.2 in the middle of modding.. like.. I wasnt doing anything.. but I started with and now I have 7.4.2 and am still modding strong..

    When firmware 1.1 some out.. there might be some problems though =/
    2007-09-19 03:40 AM