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  1. hummer's Avatar
    I was wondering if there is a way to make the iphone so you can acess the files in it directly through my computer? My computer reads it as a camera. is there some way to change the driver so the computer reads it as a mobile divice or some thing
    2007-09-21 10:09 PM
  2. jujubeanser's Avatar
    search ifuntastic on here
    2007-09-21 10:53 PM
  3. NetMage's Avatar
    There are some add-on apps to make it appear as a (Windows) Explorer or (OS X) Finder drive.

    They still need jailbreak to access the entire device.

    And you can't drag and drop music or videos.
    2007-09-21 11:11 PM
  4. lifesmymachine's Avatar
    iPhone Explorer
    "The glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall."
    2007-09-21 11:35 PM
  5. hummer's Avatar
    well i have it fully sim unlocked and i use iphone explorer and ibrick but it would be faster and easier to just plug it in and acess it
    2007-09-22 03:54 PM