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    HI All,

    First of all thanks for giving a thought to read my problem/post.
    So here it is.

    I have an iphone which is 16gb 3g and jailbroken. I had installed itunes8 on my laptop which has windoes vista. Everything was working fine and I was able to transfer the music and everything. Then I thought of getting custom ringtones on iphone and i google it and found some tutorials and found that most of them are the same. Maybe procedures are a little different but the basic point is to shorten the song in tunes to less than 40 seconds and then change the extension to .m4r. So I did the same thing. I first shorten the length of the song to 30 seconds and then I converted it to AAC. Then I took this new 30sec file outside to the desktop and then changed the extension to .m4r (You can either drag or drop to the desktop or you can also use the option by right click ing on the 30sec file while in itunes ans selecting the option to open it in the windows browser.)
    So I changed the extension and when i tried to drag it back to the itunes it gave an error saying that the original file was not found. I didnt knew what it meant. In the turorial I saw it also said after the 30sec file is put in the music library select it and drag it to the ringtones section of the itunes. SO I tried to do it but nothing happened. The file didnt move anywhere. So anyway I thought of syncing the iphone to itunes and when I did that in the send itunes gave the error that my 30sec file (or the ringtone now) was not loaded to the iphone since the original file was not found. So obviously this procedure didnt worked for me.
    So being smart *** I uninstalled the itunes8 and downloaded the itunes7. So when I open the itunes7 and then connect the phone to the windows vista it says that driver was not properly installed. So I google this also to find the solution but nothing happened. I went to the device manager and checked for it and it said some camera device and showed a yellow mark next to it which means there is a conflict in the driver. So I unstalled the driver and hook the phone back to the laptop and vista installed the driver again itself and then at the end gave the same error that driver was not properly installed. So I am stuck here too lolz!!!

    Now what my question is that if someone can help me fixing this itunes7 driver problem then I can keep itunes7 and try to make the ringtone dragdrop and renamingetc from itunes7 and see if I get luck in making the ringtone and putting it on iphone and if someone knows how to fixx the probem in itunes8 that I was having before then I will switch it itunes8. Please help and a genuine answer is appreciated since I am nowhere now

    2009-08-21 05:40 PM