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    All of my contacts mysteriously dissapeared and I made the mistake of backing up my phone in Itunes. I went back to my laptop and found an old backup and used iphone backup extractor to extract the AddressBook file and put it into a folder on my desktop. I then SSHed into my phone and drug the file into root/library/addressbook and now I am showing 3 different files to address book. The files are AddressBook.sqlitedb & AddressBookImages.sqlitedb & AddressBook.sqlitedb. One of the AdddressBook.sqlitedb files is under a different Libarary folder. After I drug and dropped the file into my phone I turned it off and back on and I still do not have my old contacts. I am not real familar with SSH, do I need to delete a file or activate the new file? Thanks in advance to anyone who might can help me.

    2009-10-22 01:04 PM
  2. SAVAGE5's Avatar
    I just copy and replaced all the files from the extract to the iPhone folder and rebooted I think.

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    2009-10-27 04:11 PM