1. Nuskett's Avatar
    Hello fellow iphoners just joined so apologies if I am in the wrong section.
    Am really pulling my hair out with this one.
    My phone rewally works well in just about every way except connecting to my pc in the office or my laptop at home.
    In the office we have 10 pc's and five printers with the server running 2003sbs a hub with wireless and the server is doing the dchp. The iphone picks up the wireless no problem and is given an IP and when I use a "Hard drive app" such as air share or "Quick office" the server will see the iphone instantly. When I try to link to the iphone through my pc, it may hook up once or twice a month. However, it never hooks up with my laptop at home which is also wireless and gets its ip quite happily. I think t is something to do with the firewall. But am getting desperate now for new resolutions to try.
    Appreciate any responses
    2009-11-05 02:30 PM
  2. TuNiX20's Avatar
    i need you to be a little more specific. your iphone is not being handed and IP from your Home wireless network? or your iphone is not being able to connect to your laptop or deskop through your home wireless?
    2009-12-06 12:02 AM