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    Hi all,

    I told iTunes to upgrade my iPhone to 3.1.2. While it was doing that I switched users in Vista. When I came back, the upgrade had errored and the iPhone didn't work. iTunes said to restore. Tried this, but the previously unlocked iPhone is now locked and won't restore with the pre-pay SIM.

    Tried Quickpwn to unlock it, but it can't says that the IPSW file doesn't match the phote. I tried ...5H and ...7D.

    I'm not sure where the problem lies or what the solution is.

    It could be that .ipsw files didn't download correctly. IE7 downloads them as .zip, so I tried Chrome which seemed to download them right, but who knows.

    It could be that the OS is still screwed up and the .ipsw file won't match it in some way anyway.

    It could be that I need to finish the restore before I can unlock it, and that I need te unlock it before I can finish the restore - in which case I'm really screwed.

    Any suggestions?

    2009-11-21 09:43 AM