1. renjii1985's Avatar
    Ok first off ive only just moved over from motorolla modding so im kinda new... anways...

    After playing around for hours on end with various files settings and such i stumbled across Binary — XML .plist converter - iAppCat from somewhere not sure atm...

    seeing as i haved worked out that your springboard dock doesnt actually require a 320x91 image it just resizes what ever image you use (just figured this out as i tried to turn my dock into my whole wallpaper) i was wondering if there was an easier way to read the files on my phone with a txt viewer to see if i can edit the dock to not resize the image and turn it into a wallpaper..

    P.S. im used to modding files directly rather than using apps and such for my phone and finding ways to make the phones run as fast as possible through these tiny work arounds so plz dont ask why not just use winterboard or something id rather just do it all myself
    2010-01-04 01:45 AM