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    Originally my iphone 3Gs just said to connect to itunes, so I did that, but when I had to put in my passcode to connect, all my phone would let me do was make emergency calls.

    So I put it in DFU mode to try to restore it that way. My computer recognized it and I could click the 'restore' button, but after waiting forever for it to restore a window pops up saying there's been an error, lists a bunch of numbers, and my lucky number was 1002. This happened several times after trying different USB ports and computers.

    What does this mean and how would I fix it??
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    2010-05-20 10:01 AM
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    dito with my old ipod touch, i got in touch with n apple expert they told me to read through some guides, they were a pile of crap. i suggest going to a genius bar and asking them... if they cant do it god help you.

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    2010-06-24 12:37 PM
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    How long should it take to restore iPhone 3GS software on iTunes with custom software generated by Pwnage tool 4.0.1? The restore seems to go through the restore process okay leaving only a fraction left on the progress bar. I have waited over an hour without having the progress bar on iTunes and the progress bar on the iPhone go to completion. Does anyone know how long this update takes?
    2010-06-24 05:08 PM
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    I don't know the exact time limits, but too my knowledge, no where near that long.

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    2010-06-24 05:11 PM