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    That is true, they all do things the other can't. Ya just have to weigh 'em out.
    2012-04-27 01:08 AM
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    There are a few differences between something like iFunbox or iExplorer vs. WinSCP or Cyberduck. I use Cyberduck when I have wifi and iExplorer when I don't. But of course iExplorer doesn't do some of the things I want that Cyberduck can do. Well I guess what I'm saying is there are differences and it isn't fair to say one is better than the other as they both tend to serve identical purposes, but one has one feature where the other has another which can limit a user.
    Annie always know what I'm about to say
    2012-04-27 02:42 AM
  3. lordvoldemort8's Avatar
    OK guys I have a straight forward answer to the question asked.I found this way/workaround to copy songs to my iphone4s after I formatted my pc and did not want to re-sync my phone.

    1)Install Mewseek from cydia
    2)Open I fun box and go to raw filesystem/var/mobile/media/downloads.
    3)Place all your songs in this folder.
    4)Open Mewseek and go to Downloads tab at bottom.
    5)Now simply select the songs and then press 'add to library' located at top right corner of the screen.

    Ps:If you get exclamation mark i.e. (!) next to a song in Mewseek then simply edit tag using edit tag option.

    No need to use itunes henceforth!!
    2012-08-27 07:18 PM
  4. jpmac.'s Avatar
    hi all,
    I couldnt get none of the above to work but this way worked for me in the end.

    1st go to cydia and install smusic (modmyi) free

    2nd open ifunbox
    open raw file sysytem,
    open var.
    open mobile.
    open media
    open itunes control. open music.

    i copied and pasted my music in F01 folder.
    opened up smusic app on my iphone 4s and all my tunes was there ,

    now still trying to work out how to move my videos over with ifunbox. (edit my videos go there aswell, so sorted) lol
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    2012-09-08 05:17 PM
  5. Andr3w's Avatar
    Everyone use SharePod! Its free and you can download all of your music!
    2012-10-22 01:23 AM
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    I dont' think Sharepod is free anymore. Senuti for Mac is (unless you are on a PC).
    2015-01-28 02:39 PM
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