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  1. freshfitz's Avatar
    So we know if you update you will have to authorize the phone by iTunes. there is no jailbreak as of yet for 1.1.1. Has anyone done the update with an unlocked sim hack and not gotten a brick out of it?
    2007-09-28 11:42 PM
  2. Alperovich's Avatar
    your misunderstanding.

    Apple said it will "brick" your phone.

    from what i read, it wont "brink" your phone, however it will relock your phone , b/c it restores it back to out of the bag state but with 1.1.1
    2007-09-29 12:38 AM
  3. freshfitz's Avatar
    yeah i know but I'm wondering if it is actually bricking any phones make this sim in-operable
    2007-09-29 03:57 PM