1. haydensmom20's Avatar
    i downloaded the iphonebrowser which is working fine...i downloaded a battery image...and dragged and dropped the files into the battery images folder...all 17 of them...i'm not sure if i should have...but i did...now my problem is this...on the customize screen where i put them it shows every one of the files...can someone tell me how to just get the one picture up there...or at least tell me where the files are supposed to go?
    2007-09-29 02:32 AM
  2. LeathaFace's Avatar
    Im not sure I understand ur question but the battery files go here /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/BatteryBG_1.png

    and are numbered from 1-17 (as u already know) just upload them to the location above and restart (turn ur phone off then back on) and u should be set. Hope this helps
    2007-09-29 06:29 PM
  3. mwr_allen's Avatar
    what if I cant find the directory for the battery images?
    I used iphonebrowser and it cant find anything to do with "customise" directory.

    2007-12-10 02:47 AM
  4. immike's Avatar
    I am using ibrickr...i uploaded the files into the location but it won't work. Do the files have to be in order from 1-17? Because that is the only reason i can think of for why it wouldn't be working. Thanks.
    2007-12-11 04:25 AM
  5. NetMage's Avatar
    In iPhoneBrowser v1.4, use Go To Location.

    If you want to use Customize, first install Customize from Installer.app.

    Then Go To Location|Third-Party Applications|Customize Files. Find the BatteryImages directory, create a new subdirectory, and copy files in. Files must be named x.png, x-1.png, ..., x-16.png. Then select the new Battery Image in Customize.

    You install a new Battery Image set directly, use Go To Location|Springboard Images and Settings, and then drag and drop in Battery Images. Files must be named BatteryBG_1.png - BatteryBG_17.png.

    Some Battery Image sets are designed for one install method, some for the other. Use the file names to tell which they are designed to work with.

    You can rename them from one set to the other to switch methods.
    2007-12-11 08:07 AM
  6. dishsnthings's Avatar
    hey, Im a newbie here, but have done ALOT of the mods here. I just did the Superman and the Cadillac batteries. I too had the whole lot of 17 appear. What I did was open my folder with the new files, open the stock battery folder (in the phone) in iphonebrowser and compared the folders. the only difference was that the NEW battery files were underscored _ and the stock battery was dashed - so I changed every one of them and now all was fine, re-uploaded to phone and all was good.
    2007-12-13 07:16 AM