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    I've been trying to get my pdanet full version (usb connect to my dell windows xp desktop)to connect to xbox live on my 360!! I don't have another Internet option at this time. Ive read tons of blogs on it but seems it's all for settings on Macs not windows.. I successfully have connected it during xbox live test under network. It passes the network then internet steps ( the 1st two steps) but the bar stops midway through the final internet test then a pop up says an update is required on xbox live. So I click ok, Then the bar never moves for the update????ive been pulling my hair out for a week on this ...please help .............please help.........
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    2011-01-27 06:45 PM
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    Bad update. My xbox did this for a few weeks. Try again in a couple days
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    2011-03-12 04:50 PM