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    is it possible to ssh my iphone even i dont have a wireless router but just broadbend
    2008-03-19 10:34 AM
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    No dude, I'm sorry. I pretty sure you need wifi because you need the IP address of your iPhone
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    2008-03-19 11:39 PM
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    Here is an alternative to using ssh. It's called "iphonebrowser". Use the URL below. It will bring you to a webpage that has a dowload link for the program. The link is about 1/4 or 1/5 down the page. This will give you access to all your iPhone files along with the ability to access them. No wifi needed. Obviously, make sure your iPhone is connected to your o
    Pc. If you have anymore questions just message me or post here. I'll subscribe to the thread and do my best to help you out. Good luck!


    The method that I mentioned using above might not work if you are using firware 1.1.3

    So here is a link to another thread that might have some useful info for you:


    I found out some more info. You can either use the program I mentioned, or you can use ibrickr. But if you are running firmware 1.1.3 then you need to add the source i.unlock.no to installer and install the ibrickr fix. Then you will be able to correctly access all the files and folders of your phone through the above mentioned program.
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    2008-03-21 06:46 AM