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  1. IronRangeRaver's Avatar
    I have an sim unlocked iphone with an att contract and service. I did a restore on my phone and now it says that it is Waiting for AT&T activation, and says no service. I did not do the 1.1.1 upgrade and I restored to 1.0.2. Can someone please help me get my phone so that it will connect to AT&T and let me use my ATT sim card.
    Every time I do a restore the same thing happens it keeps waiting for AT&T activation.
    2007-10-01 10:55 AM
  2. freshfitz's Avatar
    does itunes say the phone has an invalid sim and to call att
    2007-10-01 02:14 PM
  3. Murfunit's Avatar
    Need a bit more info.

    What exactly is the error message message you're getting?

    Are you sure the version you restored to is 1.0.2?

    If so, then you need to run some sort of activator. Try searching for PACAY Activator. Using it will allow you to bypass the Activate screen and use your ATT SIM
    Je t'aime encore, Roguette
    2007-10-01 03:16 PM
  4. IronRangeRaver's Avatar
    I somehow got it working again.
    I used iBrickr to unlock my phone. Even after unlocking with iBrickr I still couldn't get past the activation screen on my phone.
    Using iphoneinterface I installed iASign's iPhoneActivation.pem and used iAsign with the imei number that my phone was giving me. That got it so my phone could be read in itunes, but it said that my iphone was a Cellular One phone instead of Att.
    But I was finally able to access the springboard and wifi. When I put my Att sim card in, the phone would say no sim. When I put my Cell One sim in it would try to activate but Itunes said it could not connect to Cellular One.
    I installed and ran Anysim. Stuck my Att sim in and still got no sim.
    Had to downgrade Itunes to 7.3 and use iAsign again with the imei number that was on the back of my phone.
    As soon as that completed within 5 seconds it said connecting to Att and activated my phone back to my Att account. After that I couldn't do anything in Itunes till I upgraded iTunes back to 7.4. I had to activate YouTube manually because that did not work even though I was using my Att account.
    2007-10-20 05:35 PM