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    The title says it all, guys. I've tried everything I can think of. I've uninstalled every apple program on my computer and reinstalled them. I've ran iTunes alone (with an empty .itl) with literally no other problems. As in, I went into msconfig and disabled everything except the Apple processes. It takes a good 5-10 just to add files to the library, even longer to sync. It usually takes 2 minutes just for every single click to register. I'm running a 2.3 ghz dual core with 3 gig of RAM, plenty enough to handle a single iTunes process. Using the cloud is -NOT- an option for me, as I have ~50Gb of music I have to sync to my iPod. I'm still running 4.3 since semi-tether breaks iTunes support. Can someone please help me get iTunes running faster?

    Edit: Oh, and I know it's completely eating up my computer's resources because I can't run any other processes alongside it. Also, PwnTunes isn't a viable option, since it lacks the ability to convert higher bitrate songs into 128kbps AAC. With ~200Gb music uncompressed (most of it at 320kbps) this makes a huge difference.

    Another edit: I've gone through and forced it to run Windows in it's Basic display mode and disabled animations, and it's made it useable but it still takes ages to do anything and I still can't multitask while it's running =L
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    I got a very easy way to solve it. Some backups are necessary though.
    1. Back up your Windows data on an external Hard Drive or on another partition. This should include all your software you want, and your media from iTunes. You should also include your backups of your iPhone
    2. Format your computer, and install a fresh Operating System.
    3. After the Setup, download the latest version of iTunes.
    4. Open iTunes, and add your previous iTunes library into it.
    5. Connect your iPod into the computer with a USB cable into a USB port.
    6. Synchronize your iPod with your own selection of media in your iTunes library.
    7. Install your other applications.
    2012-01-02 03:06 PM