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    Ok. So a little background. I bought 3 iphones for basically the price of one. $70/ One 3gs, and 2 Iphone 4. I know i know, but kids in my highschool sell their stuff really cheap, cause daddy will just buy them a new one. Well the 3gs and one of the 4s have already been restored and sold on ebay. (For a major profit). But the other one is giving me a bit of trouble. I have tried recboot to force this into DFU mode. But when I run it, it opend the CMD that is supposed to open i guess adn says no error. and nothing happens. I then run iPHUC which also came in the folder i downloaded and it opens and it sits at waiting for iphone. Basically, i need a program that can force me into DFU, get around an iphone password to restore, or help figuring out why recboot wont work. Thanks in advance guys!
    2013-08-22 03:21 AM