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    Hello. I am not sure where to put this thread as it involves mainly with my Linksys router, I'll put it here since I am using Windows OS.

    My first intention to setup a PPTP VPN, via my Linksys E2000 router with DD-WRT firmware, was to use an iPhone app while being connected to my home network from anywhere I have an internet connection. That is working. However I am finding out I cannot check my emails using my iPhone while it is connected to the VPN. But if I am not connected, I can check emails. My VPN client is my iPhone 4 running on iOS 6.1.2.

    What could be causing this? Here is my PPTP VPN setup within my router:
    pptp server: enable
    broadcast support: enable
    force mppe encryption: enable
    server IP:
    client ip:
    Chap-secrets: username * password *
    My router IP is
    Other. Although these are enabled and set, it didn't make a difference if I shut them off or on. It works both ways. VPN passthrough: all 3 enabled ports forward: 1723 & 1792
    2013-12-05 09:41 AM
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    Do you have "Send All Traffic" enabled in the VPN settings on your iPhone?

    What is "server IP:" Why is that on different subnet to your router?
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    2013-12-05 10:38 PM
  3. duceduc's Avatar
    Yes, send all traffic is checked on iPhone. I'd followed a guide to have set the vpn server on a different subnet so there will be no conflict issue. I have also assign an ip with the same subnet as my router, but I still can't access my emails.
    2013-12-05 10:57 PM
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    That's a bit strange. All VPN servers I configure assign a range of IP address for VPN clients on the same subset as your local LAN. These IPs are excluded from the DHCP pool.

    Having "Send All Traffic" enabled means that all internet access routes through your Linksys before actually getting to the internet. Try disabling it.
    Until the next time… And if I help you out, give me a "Thanks!" Thanks!
    2013-12-05 11:05 PM
  5. duceduc's Avatar
    Now that is a bit strange. All the guides I've read says to leave the 'send all traffic' checked. Never thought about unchecking it to verified if it works. It works! I suppose it's because the vpn server is my router and works a little differently.

    All is working now.

    Ok, spoke too soon. Now I can't access my internal network. Would you know how to write a rule to have my mails to work while being connected and still have the 'send all traffic' checked?
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    2013-12-06 12:15 AM