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    I'm not sure where else to post this. So here's my issue. I'm using Windows 8.1. I have the newest iCloud panel. I had the same issue's with Windows 8. I'm on a fresh install of Windows. Every time I install the iCloud panel (which I use a lot) my windows explorer will crash randomly. I didn't have this problem with Windows 7. If I uninstall iCloud panel the issue is gone. But as soon as I install it I'll have like multiple crashes daily. It's pretty annoying. Has anyone else experienced this? Why does iCloud panel cause driver crashes with Windows 8/8.1?
    2014-02-17 08:12 AM
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    No one?
    2014-02-17 10:44 PM
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    Not sure if the OP is still around but there have been issues with iCloud Control Panel for Windows 8.1 which have since been sorted out. If you still have problems with the control panel, refer to this troubleshooter: How to fix iCloud Control Panel not syncing with Outlook after Windows 8.1 update? - Spiceworks
    2014-04-14 11:37 AM