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    can apps with databases be backed up and pasted into another iphone the same way?
    2011-04-16 09:50 PM
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    Hi, iphone users
    For you to backup iPhone contacts&SMS message. You can use iTunes. But you can't edit it after backup,and you canít make a password to protect your privacy.
    You can see the guide on Apple official website:

    There is another way for you to backup iPhone contacts and SMS at the same time to computer,Click HERE to get the iphone SMS message and contact backup software.
    Why the link led to a dangerous website
    2011-04-25 10:43 AM
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    2011-05-09 05:47 PM
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    how do i delete the iTunes control directory on my iphone???
    2011-06-08 09:53 AM
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    Follow the path mentioned below, and you will get your data back, only if you are using XP windows and beware next time before downgrading your iPhone,

    Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

    Furthermore, new users, kindly install StealthGenie Mobile spy software in your mobile phones coz it keeps frequent backups of your data on its online interface and provide you whenever needed.
    2011-07-07 05:08 PM
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    It stores it in the following location:
    CDocuments and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

    Under that Backup directory is a directory which looks like a GUID and in that is the files that itunes uses to backup your phone and all the settings.

    THANK YOU! For over a week, I've been back and forth with Apple. My iPhone4 would not back up. I had several different error messages, but the most common one referred to a corrupt file. Well, my research led me to discover that Apple creates a new backup file (replacing the previous one) every time you ask it to (or sync). In iTunes/Edit/Preferences there was no corrupt backup showing for me to delete. I did a complete uninstall/reinstall of everything Apple. Nothing. Finally, I went in and manually deleted the backup folder using your location. I went back to iTunes and did a backup for the one millionth time...VOILA!!!! It worked!!!! The file was corrupt, and not even an uninstall/reinstall fixed the problem. Evidently, the last sync that I did screwed up the backup file somehow. After I found it and deleted it, a brand new one that worked was created in its place.

    Thank you again.

    ps....why don't the Apple techs now this? I've been on 2 different calls totaling 3+ hours with them and I figure this out on my own? And I have virtually no technical knowledge, simply some common sense.
    2011-08-15 12:02 AM
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    During the upgrade to IOS 5 it kept telling me it had an issue restoring the device back up. Trying to get it to work i clicked on delete current back up. It did help me to load the phone but it had erased my back up. In other words it loads with 0 contacts, 0 texts, 0 pics etc.... I can go back to an old back up (6 months old) but I obviously would like the last 6 months worth of data.

    Does anyone know of a back up to the back up? Or a place that files are placed when it deletes a back up and over writes it. I have checked CUsers\name\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup and can find the current "blank" back up and the one from 6 months ago. The question is are there any others? Or are there back up places that the data is stored that I could just view?
    2011-10-14 02:20 AM
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    Solved with "Save Contacts Email" App App Store - Save Contacts Email

    1 seg
    2011-10-16 07:35 PM
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    An old post but it seems an ongoing problem, thank you.

    ok leki, here is what you do, i had kinda same problem i what i did was i backup my iphone and my windows crashed so i had reinstalled my windows before that i copied the backup files in to my D: drive, here is what u do
    1st, copy you backup files from you C: drive into a safe place the files are
    in windows 7= CUsers\(user name)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    in windows XP = CDocuments and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    2nd reinstall your windows and install itune and back up your iphone then copy your backup files back to there place, and i know the rest,
    and nothing is going be delete, u ca get back your photos and everything
    2011-10-21 10:39 AM
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    I don't know if i trust these guys. They are giving a fre e download...
    You can download microsoft windows pro for free...
    The other thing that bothered me is the fact that they are
    still trying to show you how to copy your SMS and contacts from
    Your iphone 4 over to the iphone 5.
    2011-10-27 09:27 AM
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    I don't know if i trust these guys.

    Free download AND
    100% money back guarantee!
    Editor's Pick (from two notoriously sleazy websites...)
    Plus, they're CLEAN. Hey what are you waiting for!!!
    2011-10-27 05:05 PM
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    Ok, um, i guess you convinced me. Who else gives you a 100% money bacgk guarantee on a free download?
    Yeah, i guess clean is not bad...
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    2011-10-28 02:58 PM
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    Hi, My dad just went to get a new Iphone as the old one has a problem. Before that, I have back up the whole thing. And then, my dad went and sent my computer and reformat everything. Now, when I want to restore all the contacts, I couldn't restore and the itunes even asked me to create a new name for it. Upon seeing this discussion, I know that the back up are all saved under Mobile sync>Backup. But then, I don't know how do you actually relocate them. Can someone please help me? My dad need all his contact for his business.
    2011-11-30 04:29 PM
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    If your computer that contained the backups has been formatted, then your backups are gone.
    Starlight Computer Wizardry
    Pocket-sized Development
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    2011-12-07 09:12 AM
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    Hey i know this post is old but i didnt want to make a new one coz this still exists anyway, i got some problems :-/
    Here is my problem!
    I Did a backup on my iphone4 after 1-2weeks i got a virus that crashed my comp everytime i tryd to start a program or open a folder sigh!
    Well after that i reinstalled Win7 on my computer.
    Now i got something called Windows & windows.old i went to:
    CWindows.old\Users\XXX.. bla bla bla/BackUp.
    I copyd the "Backup Folder" to "My Documents" now they are just laying there.,,
    Now i need help to figure out how can i put the backup to itunes so it can read the files and i can backup my iphone again, i miss my contacts...and if there is another way i whould do that also i will do everything just to have my contacts back!

    Best regards // Matt!
    2011-12-12 12:59 AM
  16. Mathias Englund's Avatar
    I Found a solution !!!!!!!!!!
    i just installed Iphone Backup extractor! then i looken in every folder i could find in windows.old map (was around 10k-12k folders,mapps)
    took like 2-3 hour or so lmao!! coffeeeeeee!
    p.s i drank around 3 cups of coffe! and im feeling AWSOME!!! anyway since IBX (Iphone Backup extractor) cost like 5dollars or so.. NOW i need to find a way to get my to put the backup file into my Idevice (Iphone4) loolz DD meeh happy lol

    nvm FIXED THAT TO! Solution putted the backup file in the Backup folder Trollol!!! i feel happy lmao
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    2011-12-12 03:22 AM
  17. vinnie1171's Avatar
    There were some previous request about extracting from historical backups. Does anybody has any answers? Tried some of the tools from the web but what i want to extract were not possible as it does not list the backup files i want though i can see it from the backup folders. Sigh ...
    If anybody knows how to look into these old backup content and can advice how to extract example only the NOTES, that will be fantastic !!
    2012-10-10 09:40 PM
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    I am having the exact same problem and it's extremely frustrating. I've lost several pictures of my daughter and husband that I'm afraid I'll never get back and some other important information.
    I wish that Apple made this process alot easier.

    I've tried several passwords to no avail. Does anyone have any tips? I'm stumped and getting pretty ******. Almost ready to turn to a crackberry. LOL
    2013-01-15 04:32 AM
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    I was looking for this myself and i found it.
    login name>library>application support>mobilesync>backup

    On windows it's: CDocuments and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    And then copy all backup files to computer from your iPhone, so that you can get them in you computer.
    login name>library>application support>mobilesync>backup

    Doubt if you can move it without confusing your system.
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    2013-02-19 03:38 AM
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    ok guys, im following you and i have indeed one backup under preferences and devices. now how can i restore after recovery mode when phone is not allowing the software to be installed? first i need to restore then i can access my backup. itunes just keeps saying error 1611.
    2013-07-13 10:11 AM
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