1. corydwiley's Avatar
    Alright....I get no signal at my house cause i live in the boonies and am stuck on dial up for normal internet soooo....

    I set up a ad-hoc network through my laptop so that my iphone connects through wifi to my laptop and uses the laptops dial up connection for internet to check email and stuff while im around the house. Anyways...my phone connects to the network great and never has any problems connecting but my mom bought an iphone recently and it always says it is unable to join the network, even when my phone isnt connected to it. Anyone have any suggestions?
    2008-03-29 12:47 AM
  2. luiz's Avatar
    search before posting... i wrote an answer in about two other threads...
    sry, but if i post it here, u wont learn
    2008-03-29 12:52 AM