1. wolfnumba1's Avatar
    whats up guys very strange thing and I have read that it has happened to other people. I am using 1.1.3 and jailbroke and unlocked it with Ziphone it all goes through fine and everything and I install all the stuff i want however certain programs that i download which I never put on the phone before like today i installed the program isaver i think its called which allows you to save pictures off safari into your camera roll another is the new version of swap tunes that lets u have 2 different music libraries and one I did about 2 weeks ago swirly mms the one that sends and receives what happens is after i do a reboot after an install of any of these apps my system sounds, ability to play music or videos in my library, and ability to watch youtube videos goes away no sound or anything whats so ever but with other program such as customize and summerboard and all those i have no problems seems to be only those programs can somebody pleaes help or point me in the right directions, thanks
    2008-04-07 11:03 PM
  2. aznpinoy217's Avatar
    I have the same problem sometimes the sound goes away from primary sound library but secondary library never has sound
    2008-07-26 08:36 AM