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    heres the short story.. my iphone was originally ziphoned and everything worked great.........UNTIL the bottom of my screen stopped working after 15 days! its a 16gb iphone btw. i then made the mistake of clicking refurbish on the ziphone application thinking thats what needs to be done.. but it downgraded my boot loader..i was able to upgrade my bootloader with Pwnage Tool's self loading BootNueter but i had to drive an hour away to find and use a mac! my problem is when i used pwnage tools version of boot nueter i kept the Nueter option ON instead of OFF.. will apple see that the phone is nuetered? if they will know that the phone is nuetered is there any other way to un nueter it? i cant use the installer app to install the program because of the screen.. i dont have a mac available and WinPwn doesnt offer boot nueter yet.. i cant ssh the boot nueter app either because you have to use the bottom of the screen to confirm the flashing. basically im looking for a similar way to unnueter the phone just like pwnage tool does. or can i just get a ispw file from some place and restore it via itunes? would that work or do you need to flash it via boot nueter to unnueter. PLEASE ANYONE apple expects me to ship the phone soon. thanks in advance my geniusous
    2008-04-30 01:56 AM
  2. jasonm253's Avatar
    just restore it thru itunes and don't back it up! u were fine doing that..i don't think the bootloader matters at all..i think u should just restore and u should be fine!
    2008-04-30 02:39 AM
  3. meatholes's Avatar
    thanks for attempting to help. the bootloader does in fact matter.. apple wouldnt exactly repair a 16gb iphone with a 3.9 bootloader.. seeing how all 16gbs are stock with 4.6.. they look at the baseband as well. so dont think you can just pack up and ship your phone to apple without looking into whether or not you have changed your bootloader or baseband..
    2008-05-02 09:38 PM
  4. jspike106's Avatar
    this answered my question as well.
    2008-12-08 11:58 PM