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    I jailbreaked my iphone with the TIFF patch on 1.1.1, and it had a hardware problem, so I restored and got a brand new one under warranty from the Apple store. I go to jailbreak it on Ziphone 3.0, the process works fine, but I have 1 bar and can't connect to EDGE. This has happened more than once, and when it activated in iTunes it immediately had 4 bars.

    What do i do?


    ok also, I think maybe I shouldn't have restored, not activated in iTunes, and activated in Ziphone. Is it ok to activate in iTunes, and then jailbreak in Ziphone? I noticed that there are jailbrake, unlock and activate, and there's jailbreak and activate which i did, and there is another under "iTouch and iPhone" that only says jailbreak." Please help I miss my applications.
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    2008-05-11 11:21 PM
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    Restore and use another jailbreak method (Pwnagetools, winpwn, iLiberty, something like that).
    2008-05-12 01:05 AM
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    so the pwnagetool will jailbreak it and install installer and whatever?
    2008-05-12 02:05 AM