1. tyler....'s Avatar
    i asked earlier about jail breaking an iphone to use on my current at&t plan. Now that i finally got ziphone to work, what do i go about doing next?

    Thanks in advance!

    lots and lots o' love,
    2008-05-20 02:59 AM
  2. fearlessx's Avatar
    u download until ur iphone explodes
    and then u use boss tool to relocate MB
    and then download until it explodes again
    when it actually explodes u virginize it then u return it to apple
    anyone agrees with me???
    2008-05-20 03:41 AM
  3. iBlade's Avatar
    Yep, fill her up with app's and media.
    Right now I'm watching Mariah Carey dans on my vWallpaper to me:-)
    Don't be shy if I helped you use the Thanks button, I do it.
    2008-05-20 10:33 AM
  4. tyler....'s Avatar
    thanks for the sugestions guys, but i really have no idea what to do, lol.
    Do i still need to pay someone to activate it?
    If not how?

    Pretty much, how do i put it onto my current plan? I already have an ipod so im guessing beyond that adding music and videos ect are similar.
    2008-05-20 08:54 PM
  5. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Dude... it's a CELL PHONE. You have to have a CELL PHONE PLAN. So put your current AT&T sim card in and it will work on the plan you already have. If you see the little hole on the top of the phone you can stick a paper clip in there and pop the old SIM out and put yours in.
    2008-05-20 09:36 PM
  6. tyler....'s Avatar
    Okey Dokey. The previous thread when i orignally questioned it, someone told me to only jail break. dident even give a 2nd look at the program though. So i jailbroke it and activated it this time. i go to test it after everything is done, but it won't let me make any phone calls. i dial and go to make it and it says "call failed". Any ideas?
    2008-05-21 02:29 AM