1. Zuex's Avatar
    Hey there

    I unlocked/jailbreaked my iphone with a few different programs, ziphone and so on and restored it but still the same result, it works fine and everything but i cant call out or recieve calls or sms's everything else is fine.

    I have been searching through the internet trying every method, the only thing left is that the imei is blocked? Which shouldnt be possible
    as it is NOT stolen it was just an iphone i got before i upgraded my contract and got a new iphone.

    Any ideas?

    2008-06-12 11:44 PM
  2. rcfa's Avatar
    I'm currently travelling in Ukraine. So I got myself a new SIM card from the carrier Life

    I installed the SIM, made the APN settings, charged the prepay card with money, activated internet, sent out a few SMS messages, updated the weather. And then came the rude awakening: I could not place calls, and I got an e-mail asking what's wrong with my phone because nobody could call me.

    I tried to call the carrier's support number, and that didn't work either, except when using the SIM Applications menu item to connect to the call center, that worked. So I knew the hardware is functional, and it had to be something with the SIM or phone settings.

    Eventually I stumbled upon the entry Settings > Phone > My Number, which curiously enough is editable. I noticed however that the number was there with the full international area code, but the standard + sign that signifies the international prefix was missing. So I edited my number to include the + sign.

    And then a miracle happened: the next instant making and receiving calls worked!

    So if you have strange issues with strange SIM cards, be sure to check the non-obvious, and if you have trouble placing calls, check the My Number setting.
    2009-08-03 07:09 PM