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    Hello, I was trying to jailbreak my ipod touch,Firmware 1.1.4 OOB With ziphone using the "Do it all!" option. I now realize that that was strictly for Iphones. In the middle of the process,my ipod stalled on a part where it was "Spamming AT... or something" It stalled for about 5 minutes. I got tired of waiting and stoped the process. Now everytime i turn my itouch on, I get a error in the recovery or BIOS mode saying "BSD root:md, major 2, minor 0" It keeps on repeating again and again. When I enter DFU mode with it connected to my computer, I tunes pops up and says that it cannot connect with the software update server. Other than that, it does not appear the the devices selection side of I tunes. It is also not recognized by Itunes. When I put it in DFU mode ziphone 3.0 recognizes it, a message comes up saying my itouch is in DFU mode mode and must be frestored by itunes. Some help would be greatly appriciated.
    PS: I also cannot enter the IRC channel becuase of internet restrictions.
    2008-07-14 01:59 PM