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    I have a 1G iPhone that I only jail-broke using the latest Ziphone release. I am an AT&T customer and had no need to unlock the device. Everything works perfectly with ZiPhone installed. I simply want to restore my phone to an out of the box like condition because I plan on selling my phone to a co-worker to get a 3G iphone. I've read through many posts and seem to gather that since I have not Unlocked the phone, I don't need to worry about baseband issues. So I can restore the phone by putting it in DFU mode and using iTunes. Is this correct? What I have also had trouble finding help with is whether or not I have to uninstall the things I have downloaded using installer such as MXTube, Summerboard and Books. Do I also have to restore the modified files I changed manually via SSH, i.e. the custom keyboard, dialer screen, battery and slider screen graphics? What about any directories made using SSH or created by installed applications? Will these all be erased when the restore takes place? Lastly, if the person I am selling to would like to jailbreak and unlock the phone for T-Mobile on his own, should I restore it to firmware version 1.1.4?
    2008-07-14 09:48 PM
  2. ali33's Avatar
    once u restore everything will be gone as far as am concern
    i hate my iphone pause pause pause NOT
    2008-07-15 03:05 AM