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    I just restored my phone(to wipe data...sold phone on ebay)....Phone is still on 1.1.4 and i used ziphone to jailbreak. I tried to used wifi to try installing an app(just to test that it worked) I can't connect to internet at all using wifi.
    What is causing it not to connect to web? My other 2G jailbroke(havent restored it yet) phone connect just fine via I'm assuming the restore or re-jailbreak on this phone caused the problem.
    I need to figure this out asap cause I don't want to screw up the other phone by restoring/rejailbreak it(before I ship to new owner).

    To be clear....wifi IS connecting with my router and the icon shows up on my phone...but i get 'safari can't find the server" error and "....can't find host" when using installer to load apps.
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