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    Quick question. I have an Iphone 16gb on 1.1.3. I have activated it and jailbroke it but now I would like to unlock it to use with other carriers. If I connect it back up with Ziphone and unlock it, will it erase my data that I already have on it i.e. music, videos, apps, settings ect.

    Thanks in advance
    2008-08-16 02:34 AM
  2. 461am's Avatar
    Check if you can find bootneuter in installer. It should unlock your phone.

    Never mind. Don't do this.
    Just read a warning on some site.
    Warning ! You must be on fw 1.1.4 to be able to bootneuter your bootloader with BootNeuter !!
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    2008-08-16 02:53 AM

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