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    So i decided to use the ziphone windows gui because it was apparently so easy. I plugged my iphone into my pc and started the process of unlocking, jailbreaking and activating.

    My iphone was1.1.2otb i downgraded to 1.1.1 oktoprep installed and upgraded to 1.1.2. I didnt upgrade to 1.1.3 before running the process because it apparetnly wasnt neessary.

    The apple screen came up and my iphone froze after 5 minutes. I left it for 20 in case! I then restarted my iphone and put it into dfu mode to restore to 1.1.3. It came p with error 1603 so i restarted the pc and installed itunes 7.4 i then succcessfully downgraded to 1.1.1 (1.1.3 downgrade still didnt work). i then upgraded to 1.1.3 but got error 9. I have since tried to upgrade to 1.1.3 but always get error 1604. The screen is on with light coming out, but it is just black. however i can still get it into dfu mode but when i restore at the "extracting stage" it just goes black again. I have upgrade itunes to 7.6 again but still no joy. Nothing seems to work.

    Please please help me! I have had so many problems its a nightmare not being able to use it properly!
    2008-02-18 10:59 PM
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    If you have a phone that is OTB you do not have to do all of the downloading and such. Just plug up ypur phone and ziphone will do the rest.

    What I would dois to restore back to 1.1.2.

    Then go to the site (i.unlock.no) download the Gui mod of Ziphone and try again.
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    2008-02-18 11:21 PM
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    ZiPhone also requires your phone to be in plain old Recovery mode, NOT DFU mode.
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    2008-02-18 11:32 PM
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    this hasnt worked. My iphone wont get out of dfu mode because i cant successully restore. I now always get error 1603.

    2008-02-19 08:27 PM
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    i know im being really stupid but whats the differnce between recovery and dfu mode
    2008-02-19 09:42 PM
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    If you look around many have got rid of the error by removing their sim card first, then restoring the iphone and then after the phone is working put the sim card back in.

    Give it a go :-)


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    2008-02-20 12:37 AM