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    These are instructions that came with Ziphone 2.4. Thought they may help some people. Chris.

    Troubleshooting ZiPhone Or: IT BROKE WHAT I DO?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

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    ZiPhone has worked reliably for many iPhone users, but occasionally things do go wrong. Below are some problems that some users have encountered. Please try to work through these troubleshooting steps before you come into the IRC channels asking For help. Please keep in mind that there are far more ZiPhone users than there are ZiPhone developers. The more users who can help themselves using the information. Below, the more time the developers have to add new features and fix the occasional bug.

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    I) Other Jailbreaks

    The most common source of problems is running ZiPhone after using other 1.1.3 Jailbreak solutions. The best case is to run ZiPhone on a cleanly restored 1.1.3 Phone. Other configurations that are known to work include starting with a jailbreakme.com 1.1.1 phone or oktoprep 1.1.2, possibly then updated to 1.1.3Using iTunes.

    It you start with a "Nate" or "Official Dev Team" jailbreak of 1.1.3, it's important that you tell iTunes to treat the phone as a NEW phone. That is, do not restore your existing phone's settings and configuration to the ZiPhone jailbroken phone. Restoring settings from other jailbreaks is *known* to cause problems.

    If your phone is behaving badly after two different 1.1.3 jailbreaks, your best bet is to restore to a clean 1.1.3 install with iTunes and then run ZiPhone. Clicking the Restore button in iTunes should get you started. When prompted about backing up Settings, choose "Do Not Backup". You WILL lose your settings on your phone, but any Contacts or other data synced to your PC will be synced back when your restore is complete.

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    II) Errors running ZiPhone

    ZiPhone may display an error message and fail to run, or it may hang at the
    "waiting for phone" steps. If this happens, you should try the following:

    1) Make sure iTunes is shut down.
    2) Make sure iTunesHelper and any other services or daemons related to iTunes are not running.
    3) Try putting your phone into recovery mode manually (see below).
    4) Upgrade to iTunes 7.6 and sync your phone with iTunes before trying ZiPhone.
    5) Reboot your computer.
    6) If possible, try another computer.

    To enter recovery mode manually:

    1) Quit iTunes and close any "helper" daemons.
    2) Hold the power button on your phone until the "slide to power off" message appears.
    3) Slide to power off and wait for the screen to go completely black.
    4) Unplug your phone from the cable or dock.
    5) Hold the HOME button on the phone and reconnect it to the cable or dock.
    6) Continue holding HOME while the Apple logo appears.
    7) Continue holding HOME until the "Connect to iTunes" graphic appears.
    8) Release HOME. You're now in "Recovery" mode (not to be confused with DFU mode).
    9) Try running ZiPhone again.

    Previous versions of iTunes were known to crash on PPC Macs or on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). As of version 2.3 all known issues are fixed, and ZiPhone should work on Intel or PPC Macs running 10.4 or 10.5. Please make sure you're using at least Version 2.3 before reporting errors on Tiger or PPC Macs.

    ================================================== =================================

    III) Problems after Jailbreak

    After successfully completing a jailbreak, you may notice some of the
    Following issues:

    * YouTube not available
    * No cell access (phone and/or SMS don't work)

    Most of these issues can be fixed by running one or both of the Reset Settings Options in the phone's settings application.

    1) Tap on Settings from the home screen.
    2) Choose General
    3) Choose Reset (all the way on the bottom)
    4) First try "Reset Network Settings"

    The phone will reboot. If things still aren't working, go back and try
    "Reset All Settings".

    * Visual Voicemail doesn't work (official carriers only)

    To fix Visual Voice mail, launch the Phone application and click Voicemail. It will probably try to call into the voicemail phone number. If it doesn't tap the button to make it call. Let the call complete and check your voicemail. End the call, wait a minute or two, then try visual voicemail again. You should be prompted to enter your voicemail password and Visual Voicemail will work after that. Some have had luck by changing their password during the phone call or Rebooting afterwards. Of course, Visual Voicemail ONLY works with official iPhone carriers, so if you're using an unlocked phone with another SIM, this won't work no matter what you do.

    ================================================== =================================

    IV) Starting Over

    If none of the above helped, it may be necessary to restore your phone to a completely clean state before trying again. To do this, perform a
    "DFU Restore" as follows:

    A) The Easy Way:

    1) Shutdown iTunes and connect the phone.
    2) Run ziphone -D
    3) Your phone will show the "Connect to iTunes" screen.
    4) iTunes should be able to restore 1.1.3 firmware to your phone.

    Note that this isn't "full" hardware DFU mode, but it should be adequate
    to install a current firmware with iTunes.

    If you enter this mode by mistake, ziphone -t should reboot normally.

    B) Full Hardware DFU (required for downgrades):

    Note that using a cable instead of the dock may make it easier to press
    buttons in the following steps without losing the connection.

    1) Start iTunes and plug the phone in.
    2) With the phone powered on, hold both the POWER and HOME buttons for seven seconds. The screen should turn black.
    3) Wait two seconds while the screen is black and release the POWER button while still holding the HOME button.
    4) The screen will remain black, but after a few more seconds iTunes will detect the phone in recovery mode.
    5) Release the HOME button and proceed to restore firmware with iTunes.

    Timing is fairly important on this. If your phone reboots or ends up in
    recovery mode, just try again. You might want to look at a clock that shows seconds while you do this. The timing needs to be exact for it to work.

    If you enter this mode by mistake, hold the HOME and POWER buttons for seven seconds until you see the Apple logo and immediately release both buttons. The phone should reboot normally, assuming a valid firmware image is present on the phone.

    ================================================== =================================

    V) Asking for Help (the right way)

    If none of the above works, you may need to come into the ZiPhone IRC channels and ask for help. Before you do that, there are a few things you should do:

    First of all, take a deep breath and CALM DOWN. The odds of ZiPhone doing permanent damage to your phone is relatively low. The one option that is known to potentially damage phones is the downgrade baseband option (-b) which is NOT enabled by default. Assuming you were just doing a standard jailbreak, activation, or unlock, your phone is probably okay.

    Before you continue, you should preserve any error messages that might have appeared on the computer or your phone. If you ask for assistance on the IRC channels, that information will be required in order to be of any help to you. If you burst into the channel with something like:

    OMG!!! My phone broke! What do I do??????

    Expect to be ignored. No offense, but the IRC channels get a lot of traffic. There are far more people asking for help than there are ZiPhone developers to help them. If you come to the channels, please be respectful, be calm, and wait your turn for someone to help you. When you ask for help, be prepared to give any error messages or other output from when you ran ZiPhone. Describe clearly what symptoms you're seeing on. Your phone and how those differ from what you expected to see. Also be ready to give the type and versions of your computer, operating system, iTunes, phone, and ZiPhone. You may be asked both which firmware version you were running before you started and which version your phone came with when you bought it. It's also especially important to tell if you have used any other 1.1.3 jailbreak solutions on the phone such as "Nate's Jailbreak" or the "Official Dev Team Jailbreak". Whether your phone syncs with iTunes on the computer you're jailbreaking from also makes a difference.

    It may be helpful to see this essay on good bug report preparation:

    The following is an example of a complete and helpful bug report:

    I tried to run ZiPhone 2.4 on a 1.0.2 OOB (Out of Box) iPhone. It was running firmware 1.1.3 when I started and had been soft-updated using Nate's jailbreak. I used the ZiPhone GUI on Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Intel) with iTunes 7.6 installed. My phone is setup to sync with iTunes on this computer. When I ran ZiPhone, it
    gave the follow output:

    ZiPhone v2.3 by Zibri. http://www.ziphone.org
    Source code available at: http://www.iphone-elite.org

    Loading zibri.dat.
    Searching for iPhone...

    Then it just hung there with the phone showing the "connect to iTunes" graphic.

    The preceding example gives plenty of information to anyone who might be helping you.
    It's far easier to trouble shoot than, "It broke what do I do???".

    Help for ZiPhone is available on irc.iphone-elite.org in #ziphone.
    2008-02-20 06:59 PM