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  1. rishi_com's Avatar
    Could some one please suggest me what I need to do. Here is my problem.......

    I unlocked my Iphone 1g with Ziphone V3.0 and the unlock was successful but when I put in my AT&T sim card I dont get the signal..... I get 4 dots(....) and after some time it says no service. Could some one please suggest me how to fix this problem..... I unlocked my wifes Iphone and she is now mad at me and I promised her that I will fix it in a week....

    Please help me . thanks in advance
    2008-09-16 12:33 AM
  2. lancerevo18s's Avatar
    whats an iphone 1g????

    dl bootneuter through the installer and then unlock it
    2008-09-22 07:56 AM
  3. jnarte's Avatar
    Hi lancerevo18s,

    Yes i Have the same problems with this Guys.

    I tried upgrading to fw2.2, unlock/jailbreak using Quickpwn 2.2. NO SIGNAL.

    Downgraded to fw2.1, unlock/jailbreak using Quickpwn 2.1. Still, NO SIGNAL.

    Finally (and currently) downgraded again to fw1.1.4 (thru 1tunes 7.5) and used Ziphone 1. Still, NO SIGNAL.

    I'm using an OLD(Non-iphone) ATT SIM from my old phone. Would a REGULAR ATT Sim work on a unlocked iphone?? During Jailbreaking/unlocking process, my ATT Sim is always inside the phone.

    And lastly, My Wifi reception is EXTREMELY WEAK! I can connect if i go very near my wireless modem. If i stay 5 feet away, i lost my signal.

    What do you mean by "Download Bootneuter from the installer?"

    Thank You very much for your Time..
    2009-01-06 05:05 PM