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    Alright... Here's the story... I jailbroke my iPod with ZiPhine and everything worked fine until I let my brother get on to get some apps... He told me that he downloaded a new installer... I was like what the $&@?... I looked at my installer, went to unistall, clicked on installer, and what do you know!!! He uninstalled my installer!!! So I restored my iPod in every mode known to man and did everything possible... I even lucked out by having a problem with my earphone jack, so I sent my iPod to Apple and they sent me a new one... I jailbroke my new iPod and the installer is still uninstalled... Do I have to unistall ZiPhone and reinstall or use some other method??? Please help me!!!! I also do not know much about iPods so if you use certain terms please explain how this will be done...
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    2008-10-08 06:01 AM
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    yeah ZiPhone gives you a lot of problems and it is known for having issues.. try iLiberty...
    2008-10-30 11:51 PM
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    How do i use iLiberty??? is it as easy as ZiPhone???
    2008-11-04 05:08 AM