1. lightning413's Avatar
    I was trying to download ZiPhone 2.5c for windows and Live OneCare is finding TrojanDownloader:Win32/LameWeb.0_2.
    Does anyone know if this is just OneCare overeacting or what's going on?

    2008-03-03 04:40 PM
  2. mikenoecker's Avatar
    I had the same thing, and I run Windows Live Care too. I cleaned the Trojan, went back and opened ZiPhone again, and it didn't come up. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Windows Live is a joke. It misses stuff that matter and deletes stuff you need. I've had it 3 months and I'm gonna delete it and then going back to Norton or McAfee again. Stupid us for figuring WINDOWS anti-virus would be good with WINDOWS software. Apparently Bill needed a little more cash. Anyways, I downloaded it and worked fine for me.

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    2008-03-03 05:48 PM
  3. lightning413's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply.
    I ended up not downloading it because it keeps giving me the same message.
    I was wondering if either Zibri could chime in or if anybody with Norton or McAfee could try to DL it and see if they pick it up or not.
    2008-03-03 06:15 PM