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  1. Verizon iPhone 4's Avatar
    well i bought this for my friend and im trying to jailbreak it... ive tried greenpoison and it wont work .... doesnt pick it up and im just restoring... ive done it atleast 5 times now... any way to do it easier? or what do i need to do?
    2011-03-03 04:12 AM
  2. chaitanya121's Avatar
    use limera1n instead of green poison..its easy.
    2011-03-04 11:23 PM
  3. lopezl's Avatar
    2011-04-11 11:39 AM
  4. Spoiledone213's Avatar
    can someone please help me i have a iphone 3g 4.2.1 ipad bb. I have attempted to jailbreak my iphone with redsn0w and it goes as far as activation bundles (or something like that) it almost goes all the way but it reprings itself and puts me back to recovery mode. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!
    2011-05-13 01:56 AM