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    i have a brand new iphone 8 gig that i downloaded ziphone and did the DO IT ALL unlock, jailbreak, activate
    everything worked fine.... all functions work on my iphone. everything is perfect, phone calls, internet, sms, youtube.. everything....
    but i looked at the "about" file on my iphone and it says ver. 1.1.2

    I have a second iphone 16 gig i purchased previously that was already programed from the seller and ready to use with any sim card
    which is a rogers sim card in canada. this phone works perfect, everything works awesome and when i look at the "about" file on this phone it says ver. 1.1.4

    How do i make my iphone 8 gig ver. 1.1.2 iphone go to a ver. 1.1.4???
    i'm using a new macbook pro, i have ziphone software downloaded.
    do i just connect to itunes and click update to upgrade to 1.1.4 ? or should i use Ziphone 1-click to "REFURBISH",
    then go to itunes and upgrade to 1.1.4, then use Ziphone again and use 1-click "Do it All" to unlock, jailbreak and activate for use with a rogers sim card in Canada? ? ?

    Please HELP!!!!!!!!!
    This second phone i'm trying to get to 1.1.4 is for my son as a birthday gift in 2 days and i don't want to wreck it !!!

    I don't seem to be getting any replies, maybe this question is asked too much and all the Vet's are sick of answering NEWB's
    I understand, but it would be real nice to get this done for my son's birthday and do it without wrecking his phone.

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